Bluegrasscoms Ltd.

Our People

Meet just a few of the many dedicated, enthusiastic and collaborative people who add real edge and variety to our offering.

Concise, experienced and friendly

Unlike many consultancies and agencies, Bluegrasscoms originated directly out of the automotive aftersales industry and all of our personnel either have an impressive background in that sector, or have been fully trained in its peculiarities and intricacies. In short, no-one knows the sector better than Bluegrasscoms. By recruiting personnel from within the aftersales market and by encouraging young talent, we continue to develop our knowledge base as the company expands. At the same time, the company provides an environment that encourages and supports innovation to meet the business challenges of its clients. Regular contact with customers is vital in most forms of business, resulting in increased sales. Operating in close concert with the telesales team, Bluegrasscoms also has a team of field representatives who travel throughout the UK to sell parts into the dealer networks.