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Opel Trade Club’s Mission

At Opel Trade Club, our mission is to offer top quality Opel genuine parts to independent garages directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices. Opel Trade Club members have access to an enormous range of Opel parts at special prices, as well as exclusive technical information. We promise the highest quality to you and it is our commitment to uphold these standards always and in any situation.


Case Study:

Opel Europe Trade Programme Management


In previous years Opel Germany have designed and promoted Trade Club parts throughout Europe. The concept behind this was to promote and increase the sale of parts throughout Europe to the Independent aftermarket. The problem was that this was not compulsory and that each individual NSC could choose which elements of the programme they would use. This caused in cohesion in Opel Europe parts offering. A collective strategy was not being followed with each NSC choosing their own path. 


Bluegrasscoms tendered to be the new Partner for the Opel Vauxhall European Trade Programme and were selected to manage the programme. 

The programme had an aim to add to the current growth strategy for Europe and offer new partners the chance to benefit from Bluegrasscoms experience in the UK market, which is still the most competitive space for service and maintenance parts. 

Bluegrasscoms were able to offer full programme management, marketing and communications support to increase parts sales. Bluegrasscoms had the right offer to do what’s important – sell more parts! 

The main solutions included focusing on each country individually on the project. This included visiting each country so that Bluegrasscoms could understand each countries problems and discuss the issues.

Whilst visiting the countries Bluegrasscoms were able to fully explain the theory behind the central promotions and incentives offered in the programme. As well as this, they managed to highlight and understand the weaknesses in NSCs localised parts promotions in order to build on them and improve the promotions. 


The Opel Vauxhall European Trade Programme now follows a European wide promotional strategy meaning the Opel Trade Club now exists with cohesion between the NSC and the centre with a general common focus on products and sales. Bluegrasscoms have put support structures in place to advise and help NSCs.  

Furthermore, The Opel Trade Club has a Global marketing strategy in place. Meaning that each country in the Opel Trade Club now drive sales centrally and have a centralised reporting suite to enable quick and easy access to relevant data to improve and maximise sales. 

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