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Business is much more about personality in a connected world.

Our in-house marketing team is here for all of your design needs.

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We mix young creative talent with endless know how to make your business look its best

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Marketing Services

Creative and Design
Strategy and Management
Print Management
Digital Solutions

Creative &

Creative and Design

From brand creation to interactive mobile platforms, Bluegrasscoms excel at designing the right concept for your business.

Strategy &

Strategy and Management

We carefully construct a strategic plan in order for your marketing campaign to develop successfully and efficiently.


Print Management

Bluegrasscoms handles the print quality and distribution making our service benficial to your marketing needs.


Digital Solutions

Adopting a future proof approach to digital design, the Bluegrasscoms Marketing Team always have a solution for any device.


Our team work with you from concept to design. This ensures your marketing strategies are complete and your message is clear and concise.

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Digital Design

The Digital Team.

Bluegrasscoms has a dedicated in-house digital marketing team. In a world where instant communication is desired our specialist team can help you through the complexities of the online world.

Our digital team is focused on implementing the latest developments in web design as soon as they become available and before competitors have a chance to follow suit, ensuring our clients’ digital presence is second to none.

Website Design

Design, build, maintenance &
hosting (inc. CMS)

Website Design

Animation & Video

Storyboarding, 2D , 3D build &
Video editing

Animation and Video

App Design

Design, build &

App Design


Customer relationship

Customer Relationship Management

Social Media

Content & platform

Social Media

Our Look

Here at Bluegrasscoms we mix young creative design talent with endless marketing know how. This means we are fully equipped to make sure your business looks its best and you are targeting the right market in the right way.

A strong and effective marketing strategy should be derived from solid comprehensive research into the market, target audiences and your product/service. At Bluegrasscoms we aim to uncover a unique understanding of your customer and your business. This means we can make your business remarkable in a way that engages your audience wholly.

In a consumer based society people are savvy to the ways of marketing, but instead of this meaning they are immune to it, it just means they are looking for the right marketing. People are looking for the marketing to speak to them in a way they wish to be spoken to. To give them an experience they see as valuable. Marketing is now more important than ever. In a connected world business has become much more about personality. We will carefully construct a strategic plan in order for your marketing campaign to develop both successfully and efficiently.

Bluegrasscoms is a forward thinking business. It doesn’t matter if you are the biggest, fastest, smallest, slowest, richest, or most difficult, we have all the anecdotal design wisdom and tried and tested marketing knowledge to put you right at the centre of your market.

Marketing services

At Bluegrasscoms we use our extensive skills and capabilities to generate great results in all your marketing needs, including:

  • Demographic Research
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Business Research
  • Industry Research
  • Goal Setting
  • Case Studies
  • Copywriting
  • Proofing
  • Localisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Incentive & Competition Management
  • Event & Exhibition Planning & Realisation